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Hotel Safes

Hotel safes are the mark of an upscale establishment. If your hotel consistently hosts sophisticated clientele, having a hotel safe in every guest room is expected.  Guests feel comfortable leaving their valuables in their hotel safe, which can be specifically programmed for each new guest.  NationwideSafes.com has a wide selection of hotel room safes that may also be useful in a home guest room or as an inexpensive alternative to a full size home safe....[Read More]

Although hotel safes are similar in appearance to small security safes designed for the home market, the electronic lock on hotel safes operates in a manner specifically designed for hospitality applications – applications where the safe will be used by numerous guests. With a hotel safe, the user sets the combination each and every time the safe is used. This design means that when a new user operates the safe, she does not need to know the combination set by the previous guest.  If the previous guest has checked out of the room and left the door to the safe open, the combination set by the previous guest will be cleared from the safe’s memory and the safe will be ready to be used by the new guest. This design eliminates the need of hotel staff to reset the safe combination every time a guest has checked out. It also eliminates the risks associated with the safe combination being reset to a default code, which is what the reset button inside the safe would do on a security safe designed for the home market.

There are a few things to look for when choosing a hotel safe. First, look for a hotel safe that comes with preprinted operating instructions printed on the door to the safe. This will eliminate the need for you to have your own instruction labels printed and then attached to the door. Second, consider a wide model hotel safe. Many guests have laptops that need to be secured. Help your guests secure their laptops by providing a hotel safe that is wide enough to accommodate laptops of common size. Third, consider buying a safe pedestal to complement your hotel safe. Safe pedestals raise hotel safes off the floor where they can be more conveniently accessed. Fourth, look for a hotel safe with a management by-pass code and/or a mechanical override key. These can be used to open the safe whenever guests forget their combination.

Most hotel safes can be anchored to a fixed object from the base or back wall of the safe. Because hotel safes are lightweight it is very important to anchor hotel safes securely before putting them into operation.