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B Rate Money Manager Depository Safe [4.0 Cu. Ft.]

B Rate Money Manager Depository Safe [4.0 Cu. Ft.]

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This drop safe can be used for any operation that requires a non-returnable deposit. It is ideal for medical/dental offices, convenience stores, restaurants, etc. Deposits are made through the safe's color-coded deposit doors. Once a deposit has been made, it cannot be retrieved unless the top door to the safe is opened. The bottom compartment can be used for separate storage of cash trays and other valuables.

Features & Specifications

  • Heavy duty B-rated construction with 1/2" solid steel doors.
  • Handle activated locking mechanism consisting of three 1" diameter locking bolts.
  • Bolt detent device automatically engages bolts when doors are closed.
  • Auxilliary spring-loaded relocking device, activated by a punch attack.
  • Locks and relocks are protected by a large carburized hardplate.
  • Formed door jamb and full length dead bar.
  • Coin racks are standard on inside of storage door.
  • Fish resistant depository drops accept bulk items, drop envelopes or bags.
  • Cash drawers and bulky items conveniently fit into both compartments.
  • Four anchor bolts and anchor hardware included. (Anchor holes are located at the bottom of safe.)
  • Three individual color-coded 4" drops for shift control.
  • Three deposit bins.
  • Attractive black textured finish.
  • Door Opening: 8.5"x 16.25".
  • Capacity: 1.9 cubic feet (top); 2.2 cubic feet (bottom)
  • Manufacturer / Warranty: AMSEC / 1-year limited.
Dimensions, Cubic Capacity, & Weight

Exterior (Inches)
Interior (Inches)
28 20.5 20
* 20 17
4.0 247 0
*Interior height of top compartment: 9-1/2"; Interior height of bottom compartment: 11".