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Gun Safes

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Gun Safes

Gun Safes range in size from small handgun safes designed to house a single pistol to large free standing rifle safes designed to secure a substantial collection of full-size rifles. Large rifle safes are usually fire resistant and often have interior gun racks for organizing your collection of rifles inside the safe.

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Gun safety should always be your top priority. Whether you have children in your home and need to secure a single handgun or you are concerned about protecting your valuable rifle collection from thieves, a gun safe is what you need.

There are several things to look for when choosing a gun safe:

  1. Make sure you choose a gun safe with a lock that is easy to operate. The easiest gun safes to operate are those with electronic and biometric locks. Dial combination locks, while reliable, can be cumbersome and time-consuming to operate in an emergency.
  2. Choose a gun safe that is larger than your current needs. This will provide you with some extra room for future storage needs. When thinking about size, you should consider not only the number and size of your pistols and rifles, but also what else you will be storing inside the gun safe. Will you also be storing cash and other valuables inside the gun safe? If so, make sure the gun safe will be large enough to store all of your items and then some.
  3. If you have ammunition that you need to secure, consider purchasing a second, smaller 1-hour or 2-hour fire resistant home safe and store your ammunition inside this second safe and not inside the gun safe. Ammunition is particularly heat sensitive, and may not be fully protected from fire when inside a full size fire-resistant gun safe.
  4. If you will be storing your rifle safe in a damp area, such as in a garage or basement, consider buying a rifle safe with an access hole for an electronic dehumidifying rod. The dehumidifying rod will keep the humidity level inside your safe down to low levels and prevent dampness from accumulating inside your safe.
  5. For better burglary protection, choose a rifle safe made of substantial amounts of steel. The most secure gun safes have doors that are constructed of at least 1/2" solid steel and bodies that are at least 1/4" solid steel. Although these gun safes are substantially more expensive than economy models made from a lesser amount of steel, they are much more burglary resistant.
  6. For better burglary protection, choose a rifle safe with the security features of Class B or C fire/burglary safe. Again, although much more expensive than economy models, rifle safes with relocking devices, exterior hinges protected by hinge side dead bolts, commercial grade electronic locks, and quality bolt work are much more burglary resistant.