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Glass Relocking Mechanism [May delay your order by up to 4-6 weeks]

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Item #: OPTION1015Factory Installed Option
Regular Price: $409.00
Sale Price: $329.00
Factory installed option - not for individual sale


When the "glass relocking mechanism" is installed, a plate of tempered glass is placed between the internal locking mechanism and the door. If the glass plate is broken during an attack on the safe (for example, during a torch or drill attack), special "relocker pins" will fire preventing the safe from being opened. Once the relockers have fired, the safe is locked shut and cannot be opened until each relocker pin has been located and removed. This is a time consuming process even for professionals. This will at least slow a burglar down and may cause them to give up entirely.

Features & Specifications
  • High security tempered glass relock mechanism with a remotely and randomly placed “cross locking” relocking bolt and thermal cords to protect against torch attacks.
  • In the event of an attack by tools, torches, or explosives, the glass will shatter activating the highly sophisticated relock mechanism.
  • Utilizing the glass relock mechanism provides mutiple relock devices for the ultimate in high security protection.
  • This option also includes a UL listed auxiliary key lock equipped with 2 keys and escutcheon plate (The auxiliary key lock is required for the glass relocking mechanism).

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