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Purchase Orders accepts purchase orders from eligible organizations. Below is some general information about our purchase order terms and procedures, including specific instructions on how to submit your purchase order. If you have any unanswered questions, please Contact Us.

Eligible Organizations

We accept purchase orders from (a) federal, state, and local government agencies; (b) public and private educational institutions; (c) hospitals; and (d) churches. In addition, subject to credit approval, we will accept a purchase order from a publicly traded company. We do not extend credit terms to private companies or individuals.

Minimum Purchase Order Amount

The minimum purchase order amount is $650.00. Orders amounting to less than $650.00 are not eligible to be submitted as purchase orders. Such orders must be placed on our website or by phone and prepaid with a credit card or PayPal account.

Payment Terms

Payment terms are Net 30. Past due invoices will be assessed a service charge of 2% per month or the maximum rate permitted by law, whichever is lower.

Sales Tax

We collect sales tax on orders shipped to Illinois and California only. If your order will be shipped to Illinois or California, add 10.25% and 7.25% sales tax, respectively to your purchase order total excluding delivery charges. If your organization is tax exempt and your order will be shipped to Illinois or California, please include your tax exempt letter with your purchase order so we may process your order as tax exempt.

Seller's Terms Prevail

Any and all terms and conditions as may appear on the reverse side or in the margin of any purchase orders submitted to us are expressly rejected in their entirety and shall have no force or effect.

How to Submit Your Purchase Order
  1. Confirm Eligibility. Before attempting to submit your purchase order, please verify that your order total, excluding applicable sales tax, is equal to or greater than our Minimum Purchase Order Amount ($650.00). In addition, please confirm that your organization is eligible to submit purchase orders to us (See "Eligible Organizations") above.

  2. Request a price quote. Go to the product page of the item you would like to order and click the "Get A Quote" link below the product image. A brief quote form will pop-up. In the "Comments" box enter "Net 30 days terms requested". Fill out the rest of the form. Submit the form.

  3. Receive your price quote. A price quote together with our W-9 will be sent to email address you provided when requesting the quote.

  4. Prepare your purchase order. When preparing your purchase order, please be sure to verify that: (a) the vendor address as shown on your purchase order matches our information on the W-9 we sent you with your price quote; (b) you have provided complete billing and shipping address details, including a delivery contact name and phone number; (b) your purchase order includes all required options for the product you are ordering (see product page for options), including any lock or delivery options, if applicable; and (c) you have provided a contact email address for your order. Orders submitted without all of this information will be rejected.

  5. Send us your purchase order. Purchase order may be scanned and emailed to (preferred) or faxed to 1-877-977-2337. Once your order has been received and entered, an order acknowledgement will be emailed to you.

If you have any unanswered questions, please Contact Us.